Hi Greg!

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for organizing the safe transportation and final checks for Monty.  We collected him from London yesterday, he is in great shape, looks terrific and is very healthy.

I am very grateful to you all for organizing safe transportation, and your reassurance along the way has been invaluable.

Many thanks Greg, and massive thanks again, I am so happy to have the most treasured man in my life back home again!!!

Kind regards from a very satisfied client

Carolanne C
Monty – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Brisbane to London
25th August 2011

Hi Greg, 

Thank you for everything, Louis arrived safe and sound and none the worse for wear!!  i think he got a better flight experience than I did!!

Had our first experience in the French acceptance of dogs, as we wandered Versailles and he was allowed in Mac Donalds (with 3 other dogs!!) and then into whatever shop we went into.  He still draws a bit of a crowd here, as he is unusual...to say the least!

But again, thank you for all your patience, and persistence it made the last few days of finalising things so much easier knowing all this was in hand!

Looking forward to dealing with you again on our homeward journey!

Many thanks

Natalie and Glen K
Louis –Pug
Brisbane to Paris
25th June 2011

Dear Greg,

Thanks Greg for all your help. Transporting a beloved dog internationally is stressful but you made us feel comfortable and confident about it....even with the short timeframe we gave you. Thanks especially for being so flexible. Nemi is now safe and sound in Singapore!! 


Clare and Josh Wray
Nemi – Rottweiler
Brisbane to Singapore
27th May 2011

Hi Greg,

Just wanted to let you know that Sockie arrived last night in Bangkok and we received our Sockie looking very well.

This morning we gave him a little food as you suggested and took him for a walk.

He is bouncy and fresh and everyone is happy. Thank you very much for taking such good care of our Sockie, we are glad we chose you to organise the transport.

We can see now that it would have been a nightmare organising it ourselves. By the way, we did receive all accompanying documents.

Kind Regards

Birgit H
Sockie –Cairn Terrier
Brisbane to Bangkok
11th February 2011

Hi Greg,

Skinny arrived safe and sound... Skinny seemed to have gone through it all without any hitches. The crate was clean as a whistle, and the airport animal lounge-people had a good laugh with him. :-)

Thanks for taking care of him, we'll surely recommend you to friends, should they wish to send their pets via air.

Take care,

Tim and Catherine
Skinny  - Kelpie X
Brisbane to Frankfurt
11th February 2011

Hi Greg

Just to let you know that Missy arrived safe and sound in Auckland on Saturday and things at customs and MAF went very well. It only took about an hour in all. Thanks for your help and hopefully she will settle with my other cats smoothly. She did spend her first night on our bed!

Thanks Again


Cheryl B
Missy – DSH Cat
Brisbane – Auckland
12th February 2011

This is the first time I have ever shipped an animal internationally and was very concerned about the whole process and the effect it would all have on a little puppy. I need not have worried. My puppy arrived in Canada cheerful and tail wagging and not in the least concerned about his two day journey. APAT was wonderful. Greg came to his breeder's house several weeks before the big day and met him and left a crate so he could get used to it. He then took him personally for his final vet check before shipping and home again before the final trip two days later. He was shipped from Brisbane to Sydney and was looked after overnight in Sydney then sent on the final leg to Canada. Greg contacted me personally and I had 24/7 contact information. My new pup arrived happy and healthy and totally unconcerned about his trip. I would not hesitate to ship another pup through APAT

Dr. Gail S.  A
Director, Undergraduate Programmes,
School of Criminology, Canada
Theo – Grangeview English Mastiff
Brisbane to Vancouver
6th January 2011

Hi Greg

Thank you for your help returning Bloss to our homeland. She is delighted to be back running on the beach with her other dog friends and we are pleased to be home.

Thank you for your arrangements and kindness you showed our dog - to us she is more than a dog but a loved member of our family.

Please feel free to use this on your testimonial page as we have been delighted with how you treated Bloss.

Kind regards

Sarah T
Blossom – Bichon Frise
Brisbane – Auckland
3rd December 2010

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