It is APAT’s mission to provide travel solutions for all pet shipping needs, whether they're travelling locally, interstate or internationally. As a solution focused business APAT has the experience, know-how and contacts at all levels to deliver your loved ones, safely, efficiently and with the pets welfare at the forefront of every decision.

The key to success is planning and communication both of which APAT staff recognise as being the supreme elements when being entrusted with someone’s beloved pet. APAT offer many services the larger companies do not regularly offer such as crate training for international and domestic relocations, complimentary onsite appraisal of your pet/s is also available as with many pet relocations it is often the owner that is more stressed than the pet/s! Having an experienced consultant arrive at your door to observe the pet/s in their own environment provides the opportunity to have the pet/s assessed, have containers made available and travel routes discussed well in advance of the day of departure.

servicesAPAT’s commitment to ensuring all pets are safe in their care has customised their vehicle to accommodate the warm summers of Queensland. The vehicle is fully insulated with cool-lite insulation and clad with a disease resistant lining of alloy propeller plate aiding the daily disinfection process.

The vehicle also has the cargo area independently air conditioned to ensure all pets travel in comfort. The bold signage ensures everyone knows your pet is receiving the VIP (Very Important Pet) treatment when in our care!

Greg’s involvement within the pet travel industry both domestically and internationally provides an excellent network of like-minded independent pet travel companies that work in conjunction with APAT’s ethos of safety and commitment to all pets in their care. Similarly this association extends also to key government officials and airline staff in most countries, it is this association that allows APAT to stay up to date with the ever changing rules and regulations when exporting pets to foreign countries.

Whether your pet shipping enquiry is Brisbane based, domestic / interstate or international APAT has you covered!
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