Many people are often surprised that they are able to take their pets with them when they are relocating overseas. This also the case for those who are committed to breeding quality lines and wish to share the fruits of their labour to those based outside of Australia.

dogThe process of preparing pets for departure to foreign countries is often daunting to those who have not previously been required to have their pets travel overseas, equally it is also daunting for those who have gone through the experience as often county protocols change with the advent of new diseases being discovered. This is why APAT are the perfect option to assist with this service. Their experience over the past 8 years in the pet travel industry and the network of contacts they have made has given them specialist knowledge concerning the relocation of pets overseas, bringing dogs and cats into Australia and animal quarantine protocol.

The services available through APAT usually include the following:

bullet On site appraisal of international bound pets
bullet Collection from Residence for final veterinary inspection
bullet AQIS Accredited final veterinarian inspection
bullet Internal and External parasite control agents
bullet AQIS Australian Health Certificates and clearance
bullet Australian Permit to Export
bullet IATA approved travel containers
bullet Delivery to aircraft 3 hours prior to departure
bullet Airfares: Port of origin to final destination
bullet Rest stops when necessary for connecting flights
bullet Airway Bill tracking whilst in flight
bullet 24 hour emergency contact number
bullet Importing countries Import Permit
bullet Regular annual vaccinations
bullet Rabies Vaccinations
bullet Leptospirosis Vaccinations
bullet All blood tests including Hendra
bullet Microchips
bullet Any boarding required prior to flight.
bullet Customs Fees and Duties at destination port
bullet Veterinarian fees at arriving Border Inspection Post

Having access to 8 years’ worth of contacts in like-minded businesses on a global scale there are not too many destinations APAT cannot access services to assist in customs clearances, delivery to residences/ kennels/ cattery’s. APAT are also kept up to date with new or update import protocols for pets travelling from Australia overseas, similarly APAT keep close tabs on changes in import regulations which are determined by Bio Security Australia and the Australian Quarantine Inspection Services (AQIS).


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