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Aussie Pet & Animal Travel (APAT) is one of Brisbane’s newest pet travel companies however one of its owners (Greg McLaren) has been involved in the pet travel industry in excess of 7 years and Rachael McLaren has been involved with animal husbandry from an early age growing up in rural England with a range of pets that farm life offers.

As pet and animal lovers, spending time in the pet travel industry is an enjoyable experience; the knowledge gained from working with pets travelling domestically and internationally has allowed Greg to seize an opportunity to service the needs of pet owners when seeking pet transport solutions through the creation of Aussie Pet & Animal Travel (APAT) the name itself and its acronym lends itself to Greg and Rachael’s beliefs regarding pet care. Their slogan is “Every Pet Deserves APAT!”.

Based in Brisbane Australia, APAT is determined to put back into pet travel the personalised touch when providing relocation services for furry and feathered family members. Offering on site assessment of pets travelling, approved travel containers in advance of travel allowing pets to acclimatise, allowing open communication between clients and staff are all a part of putting that personalised feel back into the most important old fashioned element, customer service.

APAT understands the importance of reducing stress and in most instances this is the case for both owners AND pets! APAT aims to ensure every traveller in their care is transported in secure, hygienic and comfortable containers (wooden, plastic or metal) with safety at the fore front of everyone’s minds. We transport pets the way we would like our pet to be transported!

about usGreg’s experience is all encompassing and covers all services within the industry. Primarily entering the industry with an international focus Greg was able to travel to major ports in Europe, Asia, the Pacific and the United States attending and speaking at international conferences on pet travel.

This travel not only allowed him to see the facilities in the likes of London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Hawaii , Los Angeles and Las Vegas but to also speak with the appropriate government officials, understand the processes, and meet the local agents with like-minded businesses. It was this keen interest and knowledge base that allowed Greg to deliver a presentation on the importing regulations of companion animals into Australia to approximately 70 agents, government officials and industry people in Las Vegas USA.

From this point Greg was determined to learn the domestic side of pet transport and again worked through the processes of understanding the restrictions of local ports, identifying suitable aircraft for pet travel and working with like-minded agents in a network spanning the length and breadth of Australia.

This knowledge is the basis for the creation of APAT and the dedication to delivering safe and affordable pet transport for all pet owners. APAT is driving the dream of creating a successful, caring and enjoyable environment for staff, pets and pet owners, please enjoy our website and feel free to contact us regarding any enquiry you may have, the first step is to contact APAT, from there we can provide the confidence and comfort required for you to trust us with your most loved family member.about us

Every Pet Deserves APAT

  • International pet travel planning, quality pet travel containers and assistance with quarantine Australia
  • Domestic hire and sales of dog crates and sales of various animal transport containers
  • Air conditioned comfort and reliability with peace of mind


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